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Morning Games

Name:Diana , ID: 11081
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello everyone ) I am so glad that I have an opportunity to write here and tell something that is sol ong in my naughty head )))) Oh yeah ! I need something from my future second half ! what is this ? oh ! this is something special that can make our life happier ) some “ zest ” in relationships that can stick a man and a woman to each other. Now I am talking about playful mood between the lovable couple. Sometimes in the morning I am thinking …how would it be lovely to create a morning pillow fight ))) ha ha ! what do you think about this ? Pillow fight ??? oh yes ! A pillow in my hand and a pillow in a hand of my second half and I will attack my man with naughty smile and my man will show me that he is weak and he can’t do anything with me )))) and he will ask my sweet kiss as a punishment. What can be more fun ? )))) and after such playful pillow fights we will have such sweet truce ! oh yes ! That truce can be in different parts of the flat – in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom ))) oh yes ! I dream about this in my life ! amazing lovable morning games !
Maybe you have some other ideas to suggest for me ?
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