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What can turn a girl furious when chatting online?

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Online chat is a very tricky thing. Girls usually get really huge pleasure when they see that a man likes them. But there could be different emotions while talking to some men. I personally had plenty of situations when a man spoilt my day and made everything in order to drive me crazy. Is that hard to speak like with a normal human? Why all these men start asking weird questions and having weird behavior right when you start liking them?

That’s a strange thing which a lot of girls suppose to be a curse of online communication. When you just talk with friends in a chat, nothing can disturb your mood, but when you are trying to find a boyfriend online, it all comes to huge emotional impact. Every word can hurt a lady, and you need to remember that. Today I will try to tell you more about my personal feelings and I’m sure that these feelings I will share with nearly all the girls at Love-Temptation.

What topics make us furious in chat?

There are a couple of topics which are absolutely unacceptable if you want to conquer a girl and turn her into your girlfriend and probably even a wife in future. We hate it when men start saying that they are the best in bed and that they will change our life. We want action from you, not just words. If you want to change my life, then buy a ticket, come to Ukraine and marry me. We’ll spend years in happiness, give birth to kids and that will change my life dramatically. Don’t boast with something you have, because we don’t care about it, we care about other things.

Here are some topics that make us furious:
1. Exes. Don’t ever talk to girls about your exes and don’t ask abut her ex-boyfriends. Once you do it, you lose a lot of points in the eyes of the woman.
2. Marriage. Don’t even try to talk about marriage through online chat. This thing is made for talking about general topics and getting to know each other.
3. Money. Once a man starts talking about money, his speech turns into the speech about troubles. Don’t give the load of your problems to a woman.
4. Sexual relations. Are you sure you want to discuss that through internet? We don’t like that idea and we usually stop conversation if there are a lot of topics of that kind.
5. Technical stuff. Women never like discussing cars, planes, water transport whatever. We hate such topics and may only keep interested eyes for not offending you.
6. Compliments. Girls like complements. But if you start making them 3-4 times per hour, that’s really annoying. It’s enough to tell a girl once that she looks nice today.
7. Politics. I can understand that topics of politics are very interesting for men. But for God’s sake don’t use them to fill up the gaps in online communication with a girl.

We are people of different mentality. Women in Slavic countries tend to be very open and they usually believe their partners in online chat. Though we trust you up to one crucial point. At some point we stop listening to you and just start searching for another guy to get acquainted with. If you don’t believe, try to analyze the relations you’ve had at Love-Temptation. What were the points where the women started telling you that probably you both shouldn’t talk so much?

We are very vulnerable creatures and we won’t allow you to offend us twice. It may be only once and that will be the final point. So if you want to use rude language or you are in bad mood, better don’t talk to your girlfriend online.

What else should you remember?

There are things which might be very strange about online dating, but you still have to stick to those rules. For example, don’t force a girl to meet you in real life. If she is ready for a real meeting, she will tell you. You may send a proposition with a ticket to your country, for example. But when you get a reject, just stop talking about that for a while.

Also don’t try to buy a woman with expensive presents. If you want to make a present for her, make it from your pure heart and soul. Don’t expect that the lady will be ready for everything just because you presented her a cute dress or a wonderful bunch of flowers. That’s very important for us.

Be careful with online dating and relations. That can be even more serious than live dating for a girl!

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