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What determines the character of a woman?

Name:Tatyana, ID: 21436
Category:Ladies' Posts

It's no secret that our body can tell a lot about our character. For example, the Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso argued that one can even determine a person’s predilection for crimes by the characteristic features of his face!

Now it turned out that the inner world of a woman can be judged by her breast. For example, scientists identified 12 types of female breasts, which determined the main character traits.
So, scientists argue that a small chest is responsible for intelligence, the ability to achieve the goal. But the big one is responsible for sensitivity, femininity, and emotionality.

However, depending on the form, any woman will either dominate in personal relationships, or on a robot. And also there is a huge chance that after all the girl will obey. Although, according to observation, women, regardless of breast size, as well as shape, will always love my man.
You know, as they say, "Big breasts for the hand, and small breasts for the soul." And what do you think? What kind of breasts do you like?

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