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True face of Woman

Name:Elena, ID: 19487
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my Blog ! Do you know how looks like The true face of a woman? No, it is not about make up))hah) It is more deep thing about what I want to tell you now)

A normal man as from my opinion, behaves naturally on the first date, without hiding his intentions and emotions usually. Unlike most women, who keep themselves within the strict limits of the image, trying to show only their most profitable "angles". If you see such woman, especially during the first meeting, you can notice a lot of interesting things. With a man she likes, a lady wants to look perfect, and the perfect image requires perfect behavior too. This often leads to unnatural manners, changing the usual timbre of the voice to a more sugary-unctuous one, theatrical manipulations of the eyes and other female tricks.(hehe) do not consider this as a deception) Rather, it is a strong desire to please a worthy man for the possibility of creating a serious relationship with him)

Secrets of women sometimes amaze men))) I know) I want to say that don’t leave the woman right after few dates if you think that she is too cold or too perfect for you, even if it is here in chat with you, give her a chance, because you never knows what is her true face. Maybe she is nervous because she understood that you are her type of men and afraid to let you go or maybe she is not confident in herself. In any case in short time you will see if you were right about woman or were mistaken!

As for me, I am straight woman and don’t play any role, because I believe that you would not play this role all your life, so I want man see me real, see my real true face. Of course as every woman I can be nervous with a man, especially if he is kind and caring and has a great sense of humor) I hope I will overcome this disadvantage) Because I am really ready to find my type of man here in this awesome 2020 year)


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