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Name:Tatiana, ID: 22599
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was walking down the street and saw two young men. They were going pass by me and then suddenly one of them turn to me and told – Congratulations with the International Blonde Hair Day, beautiful lady ! I was surprised and reasked him if he is sure that May,31 is the Day of the International Blonde Hair. Oh ! That was the truth !!!! Unusual holiday. Indeed, it is. The first celebration of this international Day took place just a few years ago.
The men know more than women ))) hahaha, that made me laugh !!!! So wonderful that in this world we have men who can remind, us, women, about some holidays ))))
So dear beautiful girls who have blonde hair – THIS IS OUR DAY TODAY !!!! Well, how to celebrate it ! I guess it would be nice just to have a lovable heart next each of us and feel ourselves beloved in this world. Do you agree with me ?
Dear gentlemen if you have your girlfriend who is blonde – just congratulate your sweetheart and make your woman happy !


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