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“ Honey is so sweet that finally it is bitter. Excessive taste kills taste. " - William Shakespeare

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Dear Readers! Hey! I want to say right away that here I will publish some of my thoughts and if you want, I will be happy to discuss these topics with you! It will be something like my diary, in which I will write what I think and my worldview on some things! I open my thoughs to you.
This is my first post here and I would like to start it poetically and romantically! Today I would like to discuss with you one expression that after reading once, and it does not go out of my head!
William Shakespeare and his creations have brought a lot to our culture! This is an extraordinary writer and poet who knows how to get the reader into the heart, as if piercing all layers of the physical body and touching the soul itself!
Once, in his creation "Romeo and Juliet", he wrote the phrase I wrote above. And I didn't understand it right away!
I thought it was probably about food or just an excess of something. But what exactly, I did not manage to figure out right away!
Now, this expression appeared in my head again and I finally understood! It's not even about love, not about "honey" and not even about bitterness. Shakespeare tried to convey to us that even the most loving, faithful, honest, pure and bright relationships, if expressed in abundance, will become obsolete, boring and annoying.
Relationships are that honey, which should also be in moderation! I believe that people in love sometimes give in to their forehead feelings so much that they forget about the most important thing, that they are also separate individuals. Each person has their own destiny, their own worldview and their own interests, and it's very cool when people find a lot in common in a couple! But you also need to remember that in order to give light to people around you, you first need to turn on this light in yourself! I think I put it right! Love each other, appreciate each other, but do not dive headlong into the pool, give happiness to each other while remaining yourself!
You know, dear reader! It seems to me that our destiny is like a train in which you carry passengers, some people get off at their stops, when they need it. Even if you don't want to! But remember that only one, the most faithful and loving fellow traveler will reach the final goal with you! If you have already met such a person, then hold with both hands and do not dare to lose, and if not, then everything is still ahead! Do not rush to live, appreciate every even tiny moment of it!
I would very much like to know your opinion on this? Do you agree with me or do you have a different point of view?
with love!

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