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Montenegro impresses !

Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Hello my dear friends! You know ! I am under impressions now ! Under fantastic unforgettable impressions that I got having been in Montenegro! Oh ! That country just impressed me the most! That country just touches the heart of everyone who has been there at least once! I can’t forget those mountains and canions of rivers, those sunsets and islands around ! Just amazing country! I have never seen more romantic views than those ones from Montenegro.
For Ukrainians this country in the time of pandemic is just the best option to visit. As we don’t need tests at all for that country. And that is perfect for those people who want to have rest and enjoy summer and at last breath fresh sea air.
But of course I looked at people around and especially at men )))) As I am a single lady I was thinking about living in Montenegro and how it would be to find a nice man there and make a relationship. But actually I understood that to live in Montenegro is not a piece of pie because the medical situation there is not so good as they don’t have nice qualified doctors and also people actually work there very hard because their business is concentrated around tourism and that is why from early morning till late evening they are busy with giving touristic services to the foreigners. And my idea to find a man in this country just disappeared )))) But you never know where you can find your true love , but that was not Montenegro , for sure. But maybe Love-temptation ??? who knows )
If you can , write me about your summer vacation. Where have you already been this summer? I am just curious about that )

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