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What can decorate woman’s legs better ???

Name:Tatiana, ID: 24821
Category:Ladies' Posts

Just have a look how wonderful my legs look today ! Oh! I am so happy to open this amazing world of having such lovely paintings on my legs! Legs really can be decorated not only by nature but also with human beings. People are creative creatures and they just create different things to decorate themselves and I was lucky to have the piece of Art over my legs to be more attractive. Do you like my legs? )))) I hope, yes )))
This Art is called Mehendi and it takes its root from India and other Asian countries. But I also think that mehendi cannot be the only one decoration that can make woman’s legs much more beautiful. I guess that LOVABLE MAN’S KISSES can decorate woman’s legs much better…. When the man’s hand is sliding down a woman’s leg …. The special feeling appears and woman’s legs start live and breathe. Legs need love and care , they need man’s attention and man’s hands and feelings and kisses, of course. Women try to decorate legs polishing the nails, using mehendi techniques, polishing the hills too and that is good not only for health but also it is very nice from the esthetic point of view.
Just let’s imagine how romantic it looks when the lady having long light dress just going at the edge of the sea water in the evening when the sunset is coming down. Light breeze is inflating the light dress and the woman is just putting her leg into the wet sand and her leg looks so elegant and beautiful. Have you ever experienced anything like that with your lady ? If not yes- well , I can help you in this.


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