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What looks more delicious – peaches or my feet ???

Name:Tatiana, ID: 22599
Category:Ladies' Posts

Have you ever compared all these two notions – peaches and lady’s feet? In romantic relationship everything can be easily connected, especially when people love each other and they never set boundaries in loving each other. Of course the answer about preferences in the question about peaches and feet should be given by man. Only men understand a fine line that can connect or disconnect peaches and lady’s feet. For men feet are something special in relationship. Men can give so much attention to these sensitive parts of lady’s body. Men can bite women’s feet slightly, tickle or touch the soft skin of women’s feet. A man even can put pieces of the peach on his lady’s feet and just eat those pieces one by one and tell his woman compliments after eating each piece. That can be such a nice game that can lead to sweet night emotions. So it is difficult to choose between peaches and feet. I think the combination of these two items would make a nice time for a lovable couple. Wish such romantic relationship were available for every lovers who want their relationship bright and eternal.

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