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Name:Anna, ID: 21511
Category:Ladies' Posts

Catch my congratulations everyone who considers himself or herself a true Ukrainian! August the 24th 2021 was the 30-th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and I am sure that many girls from this site who are Ukrainians they celebrated this holiday outside. Oh yes ! As far as I am concerned Ukraine is not only famous for its beautiful girls. Our motherland also gave world-famous names in space development, developments in medicine and technologies etc. Really, beautiful women are not the only one reason why we should be proud of Ukraine.
Hey guys, did you watch yesterday’s parade in Kyiv ??? it was just amazing event ! I have so many patriotic feelings watching that glorious event. Many representatives from different countries came to support Ukraine and that is really touching! I want to thank everyone who is here in this dating place – who is worried about our country and just wishes it prosperity and further development as a European country.
Glory to Ukraine ! Glory to the heroes!

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