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Wanting to love and be loved is a normal human need, like air, water, passion.

Name:Inna, ID: 24879
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Autumn is the most insidious time of the year. Is everyone ready for it? )) I think everyone managed to warm up their wings in the sun, even if they did not go to the beach)) Summer turned out to be too hot)) I even managed to get burned well))

Autumn is a very romantic time of the year for me. When you want a bright coat, a warm scarf, hot cocoa or chocolate, boots, a bright umbrella and a book) Just the perfect combination. And in the fall, I want romance, hugs, loud fun in the park, throw popcorn in the cinema, take a couple of mixed photos in the leaves, and just fool around.

Wanting to love and be loved is a normal human need, like air, water, passion. And there is nothing to say about it. It's quite normal. It's not for nothing that we ended up here, right? )) Many are embarrassed about their desires, afraid to come up to meet, write, and time goes by. Love is the main resource, but we forgot about it ..

After all, money, beauty, a pumped up body, food - everything ends sooner or later. And real feelings, liveliness, bright, mutual will stay with us forever. Why are there so many lonely people then? Because we don't love. We don’t love ourselves, we don’t love the whole world, they are always dissatisfied with something, it’s always not enough for us ... If people loved themselves, there would not be so many health problems, if people loved nature and animals, there would not be so many nurseries. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but I believe that if a person loves himself, then he is glad that he lives, he is happy to meet the sunrises and sunsets, he loves the world and love will come to him without fail. Love the Lord !!!!! I wish everyone great and pure love this fall, and myself too)

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