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The difference between internal and external sexuality.

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"I don't need a bed to prove my femininity. I can be sexy just picking apples from a tree or standing in the rain.” Audrey Hepburn

In the sexuality of men and women there is an external component, which consists in a hot appearance, but there is also an internal sexuality. Some people seem ordinary at first sight until you start talking to them. They are so hot and sexy inside that it is impossible to resist their seductive charms. How to develop your inner sexuality?

Some people look like a picture, but you look at their face, or you talk like everything is gone. Immediately their sexuality and hot appearance are devalued. Why is that? All their sexuality is external and simulated, from which it turns back after a minute of communication. External sexuality without an internal spark and passion is worth nothing. It's like multiplying by zero. It doesn't matter how hot you look on the outside and what clothes you wear if there is no inner fire. Usually this light is visible in the eyes when impudent devils play.

External sexuality.
External sexuality means the attractiveness of the physical body and the corresponding behavior that causes attraction in the opposite sex. They are different for men and women.

External female sexuality is a chiseled figure, an angelic face, defiant clothes, a deep neckline, beautiful clothes, lacy lingerie and a vicious appearance. Defiant sexuality shines through in behavior, gait, voice and gestures. The girl behaves promisingly when everything seems possible. This hot image that causes attraction in men.
External male sexuality is an athletic figure, muscles, even posture and a masculine appearance. In male behavior, girls love intelligence, sense of humor, kindness, confidence, vigor, tenderness and unpredictability. Girls love strong men who know what they want from life. All this is external sexuality that can be pumped, but this is not enough for success with the opposite sex.

Inner sexuality.

Some average people, in the most ordinary clothes, can be extremely popular with the opposite sex. They are like a magnet for others. They feel invisible charm, charm, charm and sexuality. They seem to be doing nothing, but those around them are ready to fall at their feet in order to surrender to love. Sexuality is not a stereotype of a vulgar girl or gigolo from films. This is not protruding breasts and stockings with a short skirt for girls.
These are not relief muscles and the Greek profile in men. It's something more. True sexuality comes from within. The true sexuality of a person lies in his inner state. Internal sexuality is a natural state laid down by genes.
You can torment yourself in the gym, go under the knife of plastic surgeons, rehearse phrases, learn to walk, correct behavior, train in pick-up or seductive methods. But it will be a departure from your true sexuality. It will be an artificial game that can be cracked at once. A person can be beautiful and sexy outwardly, but repel at the first minutes of communication. If the internal state is distorted by complexes, fears, insecurities, resentments, failures and envy. If you are trying to meet some standards and be perfect. If there are inflated expectations, demands and dissatisfaction with a partner. All this will reduce the effort to nothing.

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