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What day is better to go on a date, or ...

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Do you know what is the most suitable day of the week for making love, and on which day you can find your destiny? If not, you will probably be curious to know what scientists think about this...

And so, let's start sorting the days of the week! Monday is perfect for relaxation. On this day, you can not start important projects and affairs. Therefore, on Monday, try not to worry and not worry about nothing.

Tuesday is the perfect day to make important decisions and achieve goals. At least. So, think it over and make the right decision, invite me to mix on Wednesday...

On Wednesday, scientists advise going on dates. In their opinion, it is on this day that there is a chance to make a favorable impression on each other.

Thursday is the best day for making love. On this day, all our hormones and bodies are so inflamed with passion that love must be shared. Set an alarm early and make love in the morning, and continue until Friday morning...

Friday is perfect for giving up cigarettes. If you quit smoking on this day, you can not break on the weekend, at least, so say the researchers.

And on Saturday it’s better to give birth! If you can predict and give birth on this day, then the baby has many chances to become a famous politician and even president.

On Sunday, friends, write letters - to relatives, friends, strangers. On weekdays, people read the most important messages, and on weekends they read everything, even from anonymous users. So what day you choose for us?

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