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4 reasons. but are they reasons???

Name:Julia, ID: 19489
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So many words were said about cheating, so many couples around the world were broken up because of that, how many hearts were broken. And why? I know there are exist at least 4 kinds of cheating.

1. The most common happens because negligence. I think there should be cases that happen because of a sudden surge of feelings. Probably when person lose control because of alcohol and can not understand what is he doing. Of course nothing more serious is not planning further, but still….. from my opinion that is cheating.

2. Physical cheating is next kind...When person understand completely what is he doing and usually reasons are lack of sexual relations . From what I saw even man who loves much his wife, who is a family kind man can have mistress only to get sexual relations that he can not have enough with wife. And I think it should be a mistake of both in couple. Why people don’t communicate? Why man and woman can not discuss what they like and what they don’t like in sexual relations? I hope in my future man whom I find here, will be completely open with me and we would not have such problems.

3. spiritual problems…. I think should be the most painful. When man and woman live together more than few years and someone from them fall in love with someone else… And these relations just platonic, but still all thoughts and desires are not for your beloved, but someone else..Of course most of you could not agree with me, saying that it is not a cheating… But I would not want to find out one day that man whom I love , don’t love me anymore. It is the most scariest thing for me…

4. Probably the last one is emotional kind. When people have friendship, without any plans for each other, and everything begins just from communication, but with time people have more interest for each other and more deep connection, that leads most for discussion of bad sides of marriage of one of them. Such connection could lead into sexual connection also, so it could be dangerous.

Well…my conclusion is…we need to find and love person, without any even tiny secrets from each other, not let any stranger to see your marriage life from inside and of course communicate, communicate and communicate. If any secrets crawl into your relationship… nothing good will happen.

I hope to find man who thinks the same as me, who has the same views for cheating.

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