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Name:Tatiana, ID: 24821
Category:Ladies' Posts

There is one special tradition in different countries that just attracts me a lot and I consider it pretty interesting ! But before I describe it I would like to ask you – WOULD YOU LIKE TO TASTE A GLASS OF WINE WITH THE TASTE OF THE LEG ??? Maybe you will say NO , but you should know that in Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal and many other countries the grapes is pressed by the legs. And not only men do this – pretty legs of women just do the same… Tender feet just press fantastic red juice from the grapes and put their energy of love and prosperity into that process. Tender toes just feel the juices all over them and want to press grapes more and more until the juice will cover their feet totally !!!! and then…. when you drink the wine you just feel the life-giving energy that inspires you and brings love into your heart and soul !
Would you like to answer YES to my previous question? ))))

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