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Language barrier between men and women – how to cope?

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If you speak different languages with a person, it’s quite difficult to find some understanding. You’ve probably had such situations in your life when a person tried to explain you something using another language which you don’t know. It wasn’t easy to understand, so you tried to use gestures and cried to each other. These are usual steps for those people who try to communicate without speaking the same language.

But it’s OK when you just bump into such person on a street. You just tell him or her that you don’t understand and go away. For relationship that doesn’t work. Now people tend to marry other people from other countries and other cultures. The world became a smaller place and it offers possibilities for everyone to find optimal variants of communication. But the languages are still different, and it won’t be easy to build relationships with a person who speaks different language.

How to avoid awkward situations?

First thing to understand is that girls from other countries who want to marry a guy from the US, the UK, Australia or whatever, they learn English and try to communicate with their future husband in English. That doesn’t mean that they speak perfect language, but you can understand them and they can understand you with some lacks in communication. But sometimes you just go to Ukraine, for example, and see a girl on a street that you want to talk to. In this situation you are unlikely to be successful, because people in Slavic countries speak only two languages – Russian and their native language, if they have it.

Here are some tips in such situation:
1. Never go to Slavic countries without proper preparation, because language barrier will ruin your trip. Here nobody speaks proper language, well, there are dozens of people who do, but you are likely to meet other ones.
2. Find girlfriends on special websites like Love-Temptation. Every girl here goes through a verification procedure and she has interview to check her English. If she doesn’t speak any international language, she won’t be presented here.
3. Learn some Russian. Usually Russian is the language everyone knows in post Soviet Union countries. So you’ll have a chance to communicate with a girl and to find more chances to understand each other. But Russian is a very difficult language to learn.
4. If you know a girl and want to date her, pay for her lessons of English in a good private school in Ukraine or Russia. This will help her learn the language. In 2-3 months you’ll be able to have a simple communication. In 1 year she’ll speak good language.
5. Another option is to use Google Translate app on your phone. You can read a text to it or type in some phrases, and the phone will translate it for you. Be careful, it can translate correctly only some simple messages.
6. Ask your dating website administrators to provide list of girls with best English. You’ll get contact details of young English teachers who wish to find husband overseas. This is probably the best idea.

Going to another country without understanding a word of its language is quite a bad idea. You can get lost or be robbed without a chance to call police. If you go to Ukraine, get a contact of your county’s embassy. Also get a phone number of 2-3 translators who you can call at any time and ask for help. But usually for men from other countries it’s easier to invite a girl to come. Any girl from Ukraine loves travelling and she will be glad to take such invitation. Of course, you’ll need to pay for her tickets and probably some affairs with documents, but you’ll still spend less than if you go to Ukraine or Russia by yourself.

How to speak to a girl from Slavic country?

First of all you better start your communication in internet. That will help you get used to her language and understand her level. Also you shouldn’t use Shakespeare’s language and some high standard language. Use simple words and build simple sentences if you want to be understood. If you think that she is too bad at English, tell it to her. Probably, she will change her teacher and in some months you can speak with no troubles.

What if you don’t understand your girl?

The question is what to do if you completely don’t understand what your woman tells you. In such situation better ask her to repeat the question or answer or to use some other words. If you react to your girl’s compliment or proposition in some unexpected way, there could be some tension between you. Remember that Slavic girls are too tender and they don’t want to be offended by their boyfriends. Don’t compare these ladies to some other girls from the Western world.

If your woman doesn’t want to learn English, you may want to learn some Russian in order to communicate with her. The trouble is that Russian is really hard to learn. It’s something like Chinese language in terms of complicated grammar. It will probably be easier to find another girlfriend who can speak English.

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