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Romantic Places for Loving Couples in Kyiv # 2

Name:Olga, ID: 21384
Category:Ladies' Posts

Fountain of desires in Kiev
Many people come here not only to admire the beauty of the fountain, and and make a wish. Every day dozens of couples and newlyweds come to the fountain in search of family happiness. Make a wish at this magical fountain, you can safely expect his performance. This place could be a turning in your life.
Unlike usual fountains, the Fountain of Desires is located on the wall of the Intercontinental hotel. The fountain consists of 21 bowls with the images of Nike, the Greek goddess. All bowls are covered with thin layers of gold leaf. On a bright sunny day the fountain sparkles like diamonds in all its glory. Every day loving couples come here to make a wish, because they truly believe that Nika will hear their wishes and make them true one day.
Address: 2A, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street

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